Void Rangers Martin Senovsky 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: May 11/2017 Void Ranges are our defenders. They stand on the edge of our universe. They fight against the darkness. Whatever evil comes from there, they send it back to the void. Can you become the best Void Ranger? This is a fast paced arcade first person shooter defense game for VR devices. It brings fresh air to the genre with: Traveling around our galaxy; Randomly generated loot; Enemies with different AIs; Weapon upgrades; Endless levels with global scoreboards; Hard boss battles; Regular levels in crazy enviroments. We were living in a peaceful world, in a harmony with all other species and side by side with our greatest invention: artificial intelligence. But the peace is over, the AI has gone rogue. It is using everything it can control and we don't know what for. You are a Void Ranger, your duty is to protect us all, but protecting is not enough now, we need you to strike, we need you to find the AI's weakness and shut it down. Missions - Defend warp gates, open unknown chests, chase important targets, attack enemy bases or just chill in your space ship. It's up to you to choose your path. Enemies - Everything that can be controlled by AI is going against us. Even some species turned agains us for reasons unknown. The AI is building it's own army. Weapons - Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Flamethrowers, Laser rifles and many more. Not only is each weapon type different and good against different enemies, each single weapon is unique in it's stats, level and rarity. Each weapon can be also upgraded or sold. Locations - Distant planets will call for your help, space ships that are under attack will request your assistance, stations with dangerous cargo will invite you to open it. Discover ancient temples with clues about legendary weapons and visit long lost paradises for needed resources to upgrade them.
Download: None currently available

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