Alien Disco Safari L39 Studios GmbH i. Gr. / Encore Inc. 2007

The story is inspired by NASA's Pioneer 10 and 11 missions. They carried golden plaques to space, depicting humans, in the hope of making contact with extraterrestrial life forms. Here, the shuttle is called Deep Probe Nine and it brought to space records of disco music. Liking this music, aliens decided to invade Earth. This is a classic shooting game with simple instructions: shoot (left click) and reload (right click). All levels consists of single-screen environments shown through a first-person perspective. The player simply needs to move the cross-hair and shoot everything in sight. The game features a tutorial, a training mode and a regular story mode. The aliens invade Egypt and the player must stop them before it's too late. Missions are timed, and the games progresses to the next if enough points are scored. When quitting the game, the position will be automatically saved and once back, the player has the choice to start where he quit or start the game from the beginning.
ISO Demo 39MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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