Operation Blockade Screaming Games / Infogrames 2002

This is a budget-priced turret shooter in which you control a stationary gun turret and rotate 360 degrees to shoot at oncoming enemies. This simple arcade-type shooter game takes place in a fictitious World War II-era conflict in which you play as a lone soldier in a gun turret who must shoot down WWII biplane dogfighters, bombers, battleships, transport ships, and infantry soldiers who will dig in and launch mortars at you, and just about all of these enemies are modeled surprisingly well and look authentic. Missions can take place at dawn, in the afternoon, dusk, and at night, so the sky will be lit by either sunlight or moonlight that reflects off the game's good-looking animated oceans and clouds. It also has some very good sound effects and even makes use of 3D sound to produce a Doppler effect as enemy planes strafe past you, off into the distance. You have 3 regular weapons: a light machine gun for use against infantry, a medium machine gun for use against small boats and aircraft that you'll rely on the most, and a cannon for use against larger boats though it doesn't really have a useful gun sight that you can use to accurately target your enemies. You'll also sometimes have access to a fourth weapon, grenades, which you can toss a short distance toward your enemies, as well as a few different kinds of "bomb" attacks, like air strikes. You can hit larger targets, such as cruisers and aircraft carriers, to "salvage ammo and medical supplies," which instantly heals damage you've taken and replenishes your ammunition in true arcade-game fashion. There's also a co-op multiplayer mode.
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5-Mission Demo ~36MB ( @ Download.com)
ISO Demo 144MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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