Neptune: Arena FPS Francesco Pellaco 2016

Classic arena style gameplay mixed with modern and futuristic elements, where the only thing that matters is the skill. Features: Set in a futuristic environment, you will have to fight the other players climbing the leaderboard and becoming the best; Fast paced, tricky, get quick into the action without having to wait for the matches to end; Beautiful arenas where only the best players will be able to dominate; Many jump pads - Melt your movement skills with in-air fights; Traps - Every map has its own way to endanger the player; Master 9 futuristic but classic arena style weapons; Offline single player BOT Practice; Classic Deathmatch and Instagib mode; Weapons skins; Modern experience system; Gain XP when fragging the other players; Earn new ranks and get Tokens to spend on weapons skins; Customize your player's skin colour; Steam Trading Cards.
Download: None currently available

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