Resident Evil VII: Biohazard Capcom Co., Ltd. 2017

Seventh major installment in the cult series of survival horrors created by Capcom and launched in year 1996 on the PlayStation console. Subsequent parts of this long-standing series concentrate on a battle the humanity wages against a deadly virus which transforms those it infects into bloodthirsty monsters. The players accompany several characters who appeared in various installments of Resident Evil over the years as well as in many side installments. The game, being faithful to tradition, shows the action in third person perspective and the gameplay is based on exploration, fighting enemies and solving occasional logical puzzles. The game has a horror atmosphere which, across subsequent installments in the series, was gradually reduced in favor of action elements. It combines the best aspects of the old and new installments and is the first main Resident Evil game created for the eight generation consoles.

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Beginning Hour - Teaser Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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