SosSurvival StudioFriends 2016

Early Access Release This is a game of Multiplayer survival with a third-person and FPS camera. On an unknown planet, the player is ready to survive. Humans have been chosen and kidnapped, to survive in an unknown planet. Humans have tried to colonize without success, dangerous storms, the rain that contains a deadly virus and disease, you need survive and fight others players. You need to explore, eat, drink, fight, survive and die in future maps. Go in Outpost Camp for loot weapons, ammo and more - Other players will try to stop you. Features: Mod Survival; Cycle day and night + seasons in game; Inventory survival for stock loot; Equipped item weapons; Consumable item for survive; Weapons for the fight and survive; Loot have time randow in game; Outpost Camp; System Freezing, sick and sheltered; PVP in all maps.
Download: None currently available

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