Argo Bohemia Interactive 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jun 22/2017 Jump straight into combat in this experimental total conversion of Arma 3, and enter some of the most exhilarating online multiplayer battles in gaming. Project Argo is a competitive tactical first-person shooter, in which two bands of mercenaries compete over objectives in a 5-vs-5 match-up. Fight in unrestricted terrain, where a single bullet is all it takes, and master your craft to become (in)famous on the battlefield. Your keys to victory are teamwork, tactics, and skill. Join a unit, select your loadout, and engage in highly lethal 'boots on the ground' combat. With intense firefights as the only constant, success depends on your ability to adapt to the new challenges of every single match. Start out as a rookie operator, train to become a warfare expert. Driven by endless tactical opportunities, combined with advanced ballistics simulation, it tweaks Arma 3's core mechanics to deliver a contemporary blend of authentic and fast-paced competitive gameplay - resulting in an easy-to-pick-up yet hard-to-master experience unlike any other. Take on the role of a mercenary and be contracted by one of two rival factions. After a space station named Argo is forced to crash-land, much of the resulting debris lies scattered across a war-torn island in the Atlantic. Looking to make a profit from a world at war, you and other hired guns - representing either the corporate "Clouds" or paramilitary "Flames" - are sent in to retrieve valuable technology from the wreckage. Two opposing sides, both wanting the same thing; it's a surefire way to hostility and conflict. Compete as part of a 5-man unit across 3 different game modes: Clash, Link, and Raid - with each match consisting of multiple quick rounds. In Clash, two units battle over territory, divided into sectors, in a series of combat engagements. The objective in Link is to capture a chain of control points faster than the enemy. Raid divides the competing units into attack and defense, and tasks the attacking unit with finding the right data terminal at one of three possible locations to download important files. In each of the three game modes, players also have the option to capture a paradrop, which can dramatically change the tide of battle - adding yet another tactical element to the confrontation. Be deployed to different locations on Malden, the re-imagination of the iconic terrain featured in Bohemia Interactive's first major title. Each location features 3 combat zones - all purpose-built to provide an optimal experience for each game mode. Take cover behind one of many objects and structures. Employ real-life tactics such as bounding overwatch, suppressive fire, and flanking, as your team moves to the objective. There are no pre-defined routes, and when danger can come from every direction, coordinated movement and positioning becomes essential in gaining the upper hand. The goal of Bohemia Incubator is to guide the development of a game, the technology, and/or supporting services - as well as to increase knowledge of different areas in game development. With this game, they want to test some competitive multiplayer game mechanics, and improve the competitive aspect of Arma and other Bohemia games. Ultimately, the much longer-term aim of this project is to develop a similar (most likely Arma-related) multi-platform game on a different engine.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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