Burgers 2 Digitized Organism 2017

Erwin Freud, with the help of an American Squad and his fellow soldiers, destroyed the alien sphere and all of its infestation. However, 72 years after World War II, the sphere has come back and emerged from the death. The old soldier is called to arms again and in the hope to end the nightmare forever. This time, the situation is just as bad as before if not worse. The area of the new infestation is currently mired a deep civil war. Freud and his new team, now, have to find a new solution to save the world from the alien threat and... from itself. The question is... How does he still live after all this time? Features: this is a huge leap forward from the first game; The game features a more detailed and deeper story line. More intense and satisfying firefights; Possess and upgrade new powers to help even the odds; Challenging boss fights. Each boss has its own unique ability; Arena features new fun missions. Free contents will continue to be updated after release; Finally, there are burgers in the game now.
Download: None currently available

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