Collision Course Crynosaurs 2017

Early Access Release A comet is hurtling toward earth. Sneak, scavenge and blast your way through an immersive prehistoric world filled with Humans, Dinosaurs, Droids and Mother Nature's fury. After traveling back in time 70 million years and crash landing you'll need to try to return to your own time before disaster strikes. Fortunately, a lot of spaceship debris is littered about with weapons, gear and items to assist you along the way to ease the difficulties of the journey. As you progress you'll begin to unravel the circumstances that brought you there. However, you are up against your shipmates who will also be struggling to survive and make it home before the impending apocalypse arrives. And of course, various dinosaur species will be roaming the landscape looking for their last meal, will it be you? Key Features in Current Release: Unscripted AI to AI Interactions; Environmental hazards like Earthquakes, small Comet Impacts, Lava Flows; Immersive Open World Prehistoric Landscape; Basic Survival Elements; Dismemberment & Death Animations; Explorable Caves; 24 Hour Time of Day with Multiple Days. Dinosaurs in this first release include: Utahraptor, TRex, Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus. Upcoming Features: More Dinosaurs as well as other prehistoric animals; Expanded Story Elements and Gameplay Objectives; More Items, Weapons and Gear Improved AI, Animations, Sound; Improved and Expanded UI/Menu; Crafting System; Increase Map Area and Flora variety; Weather System (Rain, Volcanic Ash, etc); Improvements to Time of Day & Lighting; More environmental hazards (Tar Pits, Geysers, etc); General Optimizations.
Tech Demo v2 1.33GB (uploaded by Official Site)

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