Not Dying Today 9TH.ART / Forever Entertainment S. A. 2017

This is a 2D side-scrolling ATC game. In 2030, the world has been taken over by zombies. With fire and blade, bullets and guns, you, captain Aiden, will do anything to protect the last human kind, anything, even turn into a zombie, using zombie power to kill zombies. Local coop mode - Up to 4 players, fight together again the zombies. Transform mechanism - Effected by the virus, you can also transform to zombie, splash your enemies like a killing machine. Boss Arena - One Boss is not enough? What about two? You can challenge two bosses at Boss Arena. What's insane about the arena is you can customize your own opponent, even fight against 3 or 4 Bosses. Show the world what you can do. Level up your characters and find your balance with Strength, Life, Agility and Luck. Are you ready to face the a sea of zombies? Bring your weapons, take your bullets, fight a bloody way out of these monsters.
Download: None currently available

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