Ready, Aim, Splat! Blue Volcano Studio 2017

The undead are back and this time they want your virtual vegetables. Well, if they want 'em, give it to them. In the only humane way possible. A ripe juicy tomato to the face. Ha! Not only tomatoes, but pumpkins, watermelons and much more. Even your ever loving feline companions are willing to put their paws up and pounce. So stop them now. For the love of all that is ripe. It's time to... Ready, Aim, Splat! the Virtual Zombie Apocalypse. Let's Sling Some VR Veggies. This lets you put your slingshot skills to the test and stop the oncoming horde of undead. Protect a variety of zones around the city and see how long you can last. Featuring: Comical cartoon visuals suitable for everyone; Over 8 In Game Powerups; Pumpkins, Watermelons, and other veggie delights; Throw your feline friends; Summon the 'King of Pop' to cause a breakout of THAT dance; Over 6 Camera settings to give you the perfect vibe to your end of the world; 16-bit Mode; Old Movie Mode; Sin City Mode, and more; More than 40 unlockable goodies; Hats; Leaderboards; And a lot more that we don't want to spoil you with here.
Download: None currently available

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