John Wick Chronicles Starbreeze Studios, Grab Games, GameCo, Big Red Button 2017

This lets you play as the legendary assassin John Wick (from the 2014 movie starring Keanu Reeves and the sequel releasing around the same time as this game), allowing you to pick up his iconic weapons and head into the world of hired guns - all in virtual reality. You'll dive into a whole new way to experience the action, as you'll be a part of it - and not just someone who holds the controller. Enter the Continental Hotel, and pick up your first mission. Welcome to the World of Hired Guns - Explore the John Wick universe and immerse yourself by interacting with characters and visiting different locations. Simple and intuitive Controls in VR - For the first time ever, experience John Wick in virtual reality using smooth, simple and intuitive controls that are easy to learn but hard to master. Intense Combat Gameplay - it features intense combat gameplay where your ability to dodge and cover is key. An Iconic Weapon Arsenal - For a legendary assassin such as John Wick, everything from Handguns and Grenades to Sniper Rifles and SMGs are available. It features challenging boss fights in virtual reality.
Download: None currently available

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