Fighting Space Apology Games 2016

This is a classic horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game with staggering hectic gameplay (in a good way!), smashing soundtrack, all in an aesthetic reminiscent of titles of the DOS shareware hype during the 90's. Set in the vague far future, as part of the Confederate Fleet, players take the role of different elite pilots and must fight their way through a conflict-ridden solar system by the name of Hell's Kitchen, to restore order and repel an otherworldly invasion. On their journey to the very origin of the intruders, they must use their cunning, reflexes and firepower to succeed. The fleet's shipyard allows them ship upgrading and customization with cash earned and technologies found. But make no mistake. With each planet liberated, the challenges get only tougher and the stakes higher. Features: 14 different stages spread across djungle worlds, icey wastes, asteroid belts, and interdimensional vaults; Discover new technologies throughout your journey and equip them in the shipyard; Features a 15-piece original soundtrack; 50+ different weapons, ships and upgrades; Choose between 8 different pilots, each with their own set of abilities; Pilot-Rescue saves your pilot in case of capital hull damage! Hitchhike to the next checkpoint; Full gamepad & 2 player support - Bring a friend; Unlockable extras, difficulty settings & game modes.
Download: None currently available

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