Survive in Space Just1337 Studio / Just1337 Publisher 2016

This is a skill-based space shooter with a hardcore focus on gameplay mechanics. You take on the role of Sasaki, a young soldier who discovers the horrible truth of humanity's enslavement at the hands of the alien Chronicles during a routine mission. His deep anguish leads him to spiral into depression, and in the darkest depths he finds The Shadow, a primal being full of hate that grants him the power to confront the Chronicles. Features: Over 50 different levels; 5 powerful bosses that you will encounter at the end of each sector – every nine levels. Each boss is a skill puzzle of his own, with shifting mechanics and environments that will keep you on your toes; Over 20 types of enemies split into three different categories: defensive, offensive and supportive; 4 different difficulty levels; Game modes - Additional enemies, Planet fortresses and Asteroids. Active them to make game more interesting; 5 differenet player ships – each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Find the one that best suits your play style; Dual Mode allows Sasaki to toggle his ships into Offensive and Defensive configurations, sacrificing firepower for durability and vice versa; No player level limit cap; 9 different abilities upgrades; Full controller and mouse support, customizable keyboard keybindings; Music player with over 90 songs. You can add your own music too.
Download: None currently available

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