Wacky Wings Pocket Money Games 2017

Launch into this idyllic, arcade-style ride and take to the skies to explore the thrilling and diverse VR world of Wacky Wings. Embrace the serene atmosphere of the game's many themed levels - but don't get too comfortable. You must keep topped up with fuel and weave with skillful finesse to collect your coins and boost your points, all while avoiding the tricky obstacles. To begin with, your plane is slow and lacks manoeuverability but collecting gold medals will improve your speed and manoeuverability. 10 Unlockable new wings, including: Drones, Helicopters, Dragons, Time machines, wizards?? 2 Unlockable Game Modes: Blitz Mode - Explore the skies over an exhilarating black and white Blitz Mode, where you dream of being an ace pilot and must shoot down opponents to collect fuel and stay in the air; Endless mode - Just keep flying and enjoy the frenzy as one of many wings exploring endless levels. Although we have designed the game to give as little simulation sickness as possible, due to popular demand we have also added a first person mode for the guys and gals with a steel stomach.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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