Moedan [J] D.N.A. Softwares 2005

Moeru Danmaku STG Moedan, literally "Cute Curtain Fire Shooting Game, Moedan") is a practice/training shmup game, it features some characters of the Touhou series like Alice Margatroid and Flandre Scarlet. It also features characters from another series, Moetan, a series of books which teaches Japanese people to say incredibly silly and useless things in English. The engine, naturally, bears a lot of similarities to the standard Touhou engine (including graze, shift key to move slower, visible hit box when slow, etc.) The game is a progression of fifty Spell Cards, where each Spell Card here introduces a certain kind of pattern or concept, and gives players the opportunity to practice dealing with it. All fifty Spell Cards are available at the beginning, and any one may be chosen at any time. Each Spell Card itself has two "goals": you may get a silver medal by shooting down enough enemies/the boss within the time limit, or a gold medal by surviving each Spell Card until the timer runs out. Unlike normal Touhou games, each Moedan Spell Card gets progressively more difficult as you do more damage/time goes on - and, indeed, the most difficult patterns will not appear if you go for a silver medal. Other features: the game allows you to try to tackle two Spell Cards at once (so you get two bosses, for example), and there are some unlockable wallpapers (you start with four of the nine wallpapers, and for every ten patterns cleared in story mode, an additional one is unlocked) for you to use on your desktop.
Japanese Full Demo 48MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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