Gunman Taco Truck Romero Games Ltd. 2017

This was designed by Donovan Brathwaite-Romero when he was 9 years old. The game idea was so good that his parents, John and Brenda Romero, decided to make its development a family project. Over 2 years and lots of fun have gone into making Gunman Taco Truck an unforgettable experience, and the realization of Donovan's dream of making a video game. Donovan has been learning how to code for the past 3 years. It's an action-packed drive across the post-apocalypse United States to reach the safe haven of Winnipeg, Canada, where there are no taco trucks and your family’s taco business can thrive. Getting to the safe towns is hectic but your truck is armed with weapons that blast mutants into taco fillings. In the towns you serve up the mutant scraps to struggling survivors who are more picky than they should be. Use money earned and scrap metal found to upgrade your truck and buy gas and supplies for the trip to the next town. Features: Blasting mutants on the highway to the next sanctuary city; Making tacos and enchiladas for the hungry survivors; Spending your money to buy condiments and gas to help you get to the next city; Spending your scrap to fix or upgrade your taco truck, or buy an even better taco truck; Dealing with picky apoco-survivors who want their tacos made perfectly; Blowing your last dollar, or piece of scrap, to win big at the slot machine. It features a wide array of weaponry including an M-16, AK-47, RPG, Tommygun, Bazooka, Thompson, Shotgun, Uzi, Grenade Launcher, and Super Shotgun. These guns provide an increasing level of firepower to clear the road ahead. Keep upgrading to push further toward your goal.
Download: None currently available

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