Redline Arena / Redline 2 (cancelled) Beyond Games / Infogrames 2000

This sequel to Redline, a post-apocalyptic combination of FPS / Car Combat game that was released in 1999 for the PC, was going to be developed for the SEGA Dreamcast: a small team worked on a playable PC prototype for about 6 weeks, starting with an updated-port of the first game. New features and improved AI were added, with more vehicles and weapons. The game set to bring both car combat like Twisted Metal to Dreamcast with first person action of Quake to mix things up. An online multiplayer mode was expected too, but it seems that the Dreamcast's networking setup was not in sync with the Redline networking code. Lag and latency were going to be serious buzz-kills. Addressing this incompatibility was going to be a monumental task, and ultimately, the project was dropped. However, somehow the development was shifted to the PS2: the project would eventually become Motor Mayhem, a game that was released in 2001. Early prototypes of Motor Mayhem were built to run in the Redline Arena engine, and so would be its best and last innovations.
Proof of Concept Demo 28.5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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