Arcane Dimensions 1996

This mod took two very long years of development, and adds a jammed packed list of new mapping features, an endless amount of pixelated artwork and a giant collection of custom maps by many authors. It consists of seven brand new beautifully detailed maps, jam packed full of new monsters and weapons to play around with till your hearts content. There are specially designed start maps, countless secrets, alternative routes and plenty of uniquely made areas to explore. For those players who love to search for secrets there are four runes scattered throughout the maps to collect, which when combined will unlock a special mystery map as a final reward. There are many new monsters that have been added which will run, fly, duck, dive and chase the player around while trying their best to burn, poison, spike and blow the player up in the process. Each new monster has been designed with various flaws which players should learn and exploit. The new monsters really shine when they are combined together to compliment each others unique abilities. The MOD comes with many features for content creators, all the Quake Code (QC) is released under a GNU license, the readme file contains extensive details on each of the new feature and there are even eleven test map (including source) to demonstrate all the new features. To get every mapper up and making content quickly two of the most popular editor files (def/fgd) have been setup ready to work with Trenchbroom, Jackhammer or Radiant.
Download v1.5 206MB (uploaded by Quaddicted)

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