Fire Arrow Plus Team Grybanser Fox 2017

Fire Arrow and Fire Arrow X are time attack (or 'Caravan', what used to be an important tradition in Japanese STGs in 90s) style shooters with a heavy emphasis on scoring, also known as "coffee break shmups". Fire Arrow (Remastered): Enemy waves and various other elements are randomized. Unpredictable special events may even trigger on subsequent plays; Difficulty ramps up rather quickly and the better you do, the harder it will get; Collect as many medals as you can, as you progress further into the game, they will become more valuable and plentiful; Novice, 3 Minute, 5 Minute modes provide varying levels of challenge as well as a potentially greater variety of enemies and bosses to encounter. There is also a special unlockable mode that provides the greatest challenge; Freely switch between a wide spread shot (Red) and a narrow vulcan shot (Blue) to better adapt to the situation. Unlock the bonus ship for even greater firepower; Along with screen-clearing bombs, you also have a powerful DUAL ATTACK. NEW to Steam version: New endings; More convenient menus; Completely rebalanced gameplay; Bonus round is now accessible by normal play on a certain mode; All new original soundtrack; Native gamepad support. Fire Arrow X: This semi-sequel or semi-remake depending on how you look at it expands upon the basic gameplay of Fire Arrow while also changing up some of the rules; All the same modes and explosive action... now with more enemies, crazier bosses and even greater challenges; An unlockable endless mode if you need your endless fix after completing what the base game has to offer.
Download: None currently available

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