Dystoria Tri-Coastal Games, IndieHound 2017

A six-axis space shooter with an 80's arcade vibe. This is a diabolical zero-g space labyrinth in which you are trapped as an experiment. It combines a unique style of 6-axis gameplay with action packed space battles, stunning visuals and mind-bending level design all backed by an original 80's style synthwave soundtrack. Your ship hovers along any surface in any direction. As the player navigates each sector they may find that what seems like a simple navigation can be quite complex as their orientation changes with every turn. Go on any surface, in any direction; Collect the orbs; Destroy your enemies; Get to the exit. Delve into an intriguing Sci-Fi story, ripped right from the 80's, as you discover why you were taken and what was up with that whole arcade abduction. As a way to bring home total immersion, the story is the perfect complement to truly capture the future Arcade experience of the past. Choose from a inventory of 9 ships, purchasable with Salvage collected from your enemies destruction.
Download: None currently available

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