Hellion Zero Gravity 2017

Early Access Release A survival sandbox with space sim features focused on online play. Hellion invites the players to a distant future in which humanity organized an intergalactic colonization mission. Together with a million of other colonizers, the player is sent to a distant star system. After awakening from a decades-long cryogenic sleep, the protagonist finds only ruined space stations and shipwrecks. Together with a small group of other survivors, he must survive in hostile environment and find the reasons for the failure of his mission. Since the fight for survival takes place in space, in addition to searching for resources, crafting and maintaining good health, one must also maintain his ship. Hellion offers high level of realism when it comes to physics, sound dispersion and impact of damage on equipment behavior. Both exploration and controlling larger ships requires the players to cooperate with each other. Some players can turn out to be traitors. When fights happen, one can use advanced weapons.
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