Golgotha (cancelled) Crack dot Com 1998

This was to be a real time strategy game, with elements from first-person shooter games from the developer of the sides-scrolling platformer Abuse. The game's name came from Shakespeare's King Lear tragedy, wherein Golgotha was a massive plain and a future battlefield. In the year 2048 AD in the game, global nuclear disarmament and the coincidental murder of a beloved American archaeologist leads to an American military incision on Iraq which, in turn, elicits a European military power play and consequently begins World War III. The commander of the American force sent to invade Iraq, named John Fisher II, questions his mission. With no suitable answers, he abandons his country and takes his troops on the quest for truth. In the try to recover what really happened at Golgotha they discovering a supernatural conflict behind a veil of political discord. This FPS/RTS hybrid should draw inspiration specifically from Doom and Command & Conquer. The last released demo, version number 5c, was playable in Windows. It supported both software rendering and 3dfx Glide-based 3D cards. The demo included two levels, one based on Switzerland and one based on Cairo. The Switzerland demo level was the more complete one. In addition to this, the demo also had a non-interactive demo level that showed the terrain rendering capabilities of the graphics engine. In the demo, the gameplay worked in the following fashion. The player controlled a super-tank, which can be driven in first-person mode. In third-person mode, the player is presented with a bird's-eye view of the battlefield, and can command squads of individual units. The object of the level is to secure the enemy base and move any unit capable of taking over enemy bases to the "takeover pad" in the base. You could leap into a tank vehicle and attack at will. Multiplayer over TCP/IP was shooting for 8 players (chosen partly because that's how many members the Crack team had), and featured complex RTS features where multiplayer joiners had a bank account, a home base to protect, and a production pad, all active while they engaged in team and deathmatch war. An easy-to-use in-game level editor was also featured. The game was cancelled after the company ran out of money. The unfinished game's assets were released to public domain on October 22, 2000.
Level Demo v5c 9.3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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