George Zimmerman's Big Game Hunter Gizmo and NightSky 2013

*Warning: This game will be offensive to some people as it recreates an actual tragedy.* The atmosphere of the game is designed to put you in the shoes of George Zimmerman and give the player the experience of knowing what he was going through during his confrontation with Trayvon Martin. Twin Lakes Retreat is a beautifully crafted and accurate model of the actual neighborhood in which Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. This is an EDF 2 original game, created with the Torque Game Engine but took much longer to make than The Clown Prince Rises. Big Game Hunter has both a single player and multiplayer mode. In the single player mode, you take the role of Huntsman George who has taken to himself the honorable task of eradicating the Hooded Trayvons from his posh closed gate community. Pistol in hand, George takes to the rainy night to stalk and eliminate the menace plague. With each kill you take your victim's money which can later be used to buy more weapons and new apparel. Zimmer speaks to us throughout the game using sound bites of Van Pelt from the movie Jumanji. Much of the single player game is spent hunting for those sneaky and elusive Trayvons while muttering to yourself, much in the same way as it occurred IRL. Once spotted, Trayvon will run, but it only takes two shots to put him 6 deep. True to life, you can receive a Stand Your Ground Bonus if you shoot after the Hooded Trayvon starts attacking you.
Free Game 109MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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