GunFleet Areo Gaming 2017

Early Access Release This is an online MMO-shooter, inspired by the different countries' mosquito fleets of the First and Second World Wars. Fight with each other, assemble in fleets of high-speed torpedo boats, submarine chasers, submarines and river monitors. GunFleet is now in open testing stage. At this point we have: 40+ playable units: PT boats, river monitors, submarines, artillery ships, subchasers, armed transports; Different types of weapons: rocket launchers, depth charges, torpedoes, autocannons and large caliber guns; Following nations are now presented - Russia, Germany, USA and Japan; Several combat modes, including convoys; 15 game areas - from Arctic and to the tropical islands; 7:7 ships battles; Ship customization options. Future plans: New nations, new unit types (including naval aviation); Tournaments and clan system, new game modes including global map and asymmetric battles: landing support, flagship attack, port attack; New weapons and equipment: charges for Kamikaze ships, naval mines, deployable coastal guns and spotters; Ship type-based skill system, cross-type cooperating skills and abilities.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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