Paragraph 78 Gaijin Entertainment / 1C 2007

In the near future, a crew of Special Forces` ex-members is assigned to an important mission--a unique opportunity for long-retired commandos to reconnect with their brothers in arms. It is suspected that a virulent biological weapon—a virus engineered by the Russian military—has been accidentally released because the isolated missile base and laboratory responsible for its development is transmitting a repeating SOS on an unsecured channel. Are terrorists at work? Have the lab scientists succumbed to their own virus, turning them into rabid, animal-like creatures? Is there an antidote? As the crew embarks into the unknown, the potential outbreak is not the only danger they will face—unfortunately, they still have unresolved issues between them from the old days. They must overcome these interpersonal struggles if they are to work together and come out of this mission alive. The game is based on the Russian movie Paragraph 78 that came out at same time. Game features: Quality character animation and models taken from the movie. Voiced by the original actors. Wide-open spaces, and claustrophobic corridors. Interesting missions requiring brave fighting skills. Intense fights with people and zombies infected with the virus. Huge arsenal at your disposal. A realistic game engine Dagor 3.0, includes Bump, Volume Light, HDR, LDR, Dynamic shadows, and much more.
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Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.93GB (upped by Scaryfun)
Review by wkduffy
English Texts Translation Patch ~9KB (made by MasteromaN & uploaded by Scaryfun)
English subtitles for movies & Translated texts & Fan-Made DVD covers 166MB (uploaded by wkduffy)
Fan-Made English Full Demo (nothing ripped, contains translations from MasteromaN & wkduffy) 921MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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