Resident Evil VII: Banned Footage Vol. 1 Capcom Co., Ltd. 2017

This DLC, also available as part of a Season Pass, consists of three episodes: Bedroom, Nightmare, and Ethan Must Die. In Bedroom, you're playing as Clancy, a helpless cameraman, whose only goal is to escape a room where Marguerite keeps him tied to bed as a hostage. Escaping a single room doesn't sound complicated, right? Well, think again. Marguerite's only obsession in this episode is to feed you 'delicious' food made just for you. The gameplay is a rollercoaster of her entering and leaving the room to check on you. Every time she leaves the room, you'll have time for maneuver. To escape the room, you'll have to solve a series of complicated, sometimes illogical puzzles, but you'll have to be careful because you need to put everything in place when she comes back to avoid suspicion. This gives the game an even more dramatic element. Nightmare and Ethan Must Die are mainly survival modes. In the first one, you still play as Clancy, trying to survive the night by fighting off monsters. Ethan Must Die, as its name says, is a hardcore survival game, where you fight against monsters until you die.
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