Vacant Ark Buster 2005

This is a strange departure from standard horizontal shooters, featuring excellent sprite designs but employing a slightly awkward gameplay system. You can only store and use up to six bullets at any time, although this supply can be replenished by collecting blue gems from vanquished enemies. You lose all your energy stock if an enemy bullet grazes your on-screen character. A life is lost if you have no energy left when receiving damage. Your pod can also turn enemy bullets into gems when not in use for a few seconds. Each end level boss requires a different strategy to beat. Some weapons are more effective in certain situations. You can only progress to the next zone if none of the bosses escape. It takes a bit of inspiration from the R-Type series but is quite novel in itself. Ammunition is required for any attack besides a weak close-range attack, but you can get this ammunition by blocking enemy bullets with something akin to R-Type's force device. An oceanic planet is discovered. Scientists on Earth create a cyborg mermaid and have a little girl remotely pilot it, in order to explore the planet. It turns out that a good deal of the life in the ocean is hostile.
Free Game v1.02 10MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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