Shooty Bit, A Gameland Studios 2017

Refined arcade impulsiveness and modern rougelite sensibilities meet to create an action-based game where no two runs can ever be the same. Only fast and precise plays - not memorization - can overcome close calls, unrelenting odds, and hopeless situations. Fight for high scores in order to uncover secrets and become the supreme defender of Planet Glorbulon. Shoot hundreds of foes across a myriad of different settings. What goes up must come down, and SCORE is no different. Any enemies missed will hurt Mother Glorbulon and the pilot's rating. Continue?: Keep things fresh through secret endings, unlockable ships, and multiple modes. Expect nothing - randomly generated enemy placements means each run will be different. Adaptive and interconnected difficulty systems never allow for a dull moment. Hyperrealistic graphics, sound, and physics create the most immersive experience this side of the arcade. Compete with other pilots via Steam leaderboard support.
Download: None currently available

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