Killer Elite: Time to Die Wioleta Moniuszko / WRGenesis 2017

Early Access Release Right now, you can choose between two types of modes: Survival and classic Team Deathmatch. Currently, each map can be operated simultaneously by up to 16 players. Among the maps there are for example: Explosive Urban, Insane Hospital, Scifi Platform, Destroyed City, Near East. We hope that everyone will find somehing for himself. Presently there are available 14 kinds of weapons. You can find long and short-range weapon. Hurtful grenades, quiet knives , noiseless sniper weapon, effective automatic machine guns. Course you can grab AK-47. Weapon is the most important factor, so if you want to have the biggest score, you need to look around, because the best weapon is hidden. Use your imagination and climb possibility. The innovative control system form allows for two types of views: First and Third person. You are also able to climb the ladder to gain for example M-16 or take the best position to sniper shoot. Clean scope guarantees clean shoot ;) Take on the Marines and join to the game. You can be one of Killer Elite. Is this a time to die right now or time for killing?
Download: None currently available

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