Aerial Destruction Devdan Games 2017

This is a helicopter game featuring a semi-realistic arcade gameplay with colourful graphics where the goal is to destroy armies of bio-engineered mutants during a complete single player campaign followed by multiple missions. If you ever wanted a fun helicopter game where you could quickly jump in and play without the hassle of learning the complex controls of a flying simulator, then this might be the game for you. A complete single player campaign with missions ranging from defending military outposts, destroying enemy convoys or buildings to supporting allied troops in assaulting enemy front lines. Arcade missions taking place in various environments with the possibility of upgrading the helicopters armaments for a maximum destruction. Unlockable helicopters having each one its specific armament, tactic and gameplay. Battles with large concentrations of allied and hostile forces composed of infantry, armed cars, tanks, buildings, etc. Helicopters easy to fly with views inside the cockpit and behind. 15 achievements to unlock. Support of Steam trading cards. Support of Steam cloud to keep all progress available on any computer. Playable with Xbox-like gamepads. Many customisable settings and tweaks with support for Ultra HD (4K). The more you progress in the campaign, the more helicopters you unlock ! Each one is coming with its own armaments and tactic, whether it is close range attack or distant firing. For instance the MH-6 "Little Bird" is a little combat helicopter fast but with low health, its two miniguns and small rockets are efficient in quickly storming enemy units. On an other hand the AH-64 Apache is armed with a heavy machine gun and missiles, which is great to eliminate targets within a long range in a stationary fly. Controls are simple and user friendly, so you can jump in the game and immediately start piloting the helicopters while still feeling the immersion of being inside with the realistic physics. The game consists of a complete single player campaign with a varied set of missions with objectives such as assisting friendly units on the ground against a numerically superior enemy or to storm alone enemy positions and convoys. For each chapter completed, you unlock a new helicopter which can then be played with the previous missions as well. Along the campaign are included arcade missions where the goal is to choose a helicopter and complete multiple objectives with the ability to upgrade the helicopter armaments, with sometimes having to defend a position against waves of mutants for as long as possible to achieve the best score.
Download: None currently available

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