Watch Dogs 2: Human Conditions DLC Ubisoft 2017

The hacker heroes of DedSec have a crop of new Operations awaiting their unique brand of cyber-justice with the release of this second DLC, also available as part of the Season Pass. Human Conditions contains three new DedSec Operations, new elite co-op challenges, and a new enemy type with the ability to mess with your tech, making for plenty of new opportunities to flex your hacker skills in the open world of the Bay Area. Nanotech implants, self-driving cars, ransomware attacks on hospitals, and the return of a familiar face from the first Watch Dogs await. It totals more than five hours of content. New elite co-op missions will features multiple objectives, larger mission areas, and advanced optional objectives, as well as a new enemy type called the Jammer. The Jammer is a new tech-enhanced enemy type capable of disabling your hacking abilities in a radius around it. It includes three new story missions, Automata, Bad Medicine, and Caustic Progress. We don't have any information on Caustic Progress at this stage, but in Automata, Marcus will be going up against Nudle (Watch Dogs 2's Google analogue), for the new biometric security system employed in its self-driving cars. Dedsec learns that as well as using biometrics to confirm the identity of passengers, the self-driving cars can also use biometric data to determine someone's "Life Score," allowing the CTOS-connected system to make value judgements about who should live or die in car accident scenarios. For instance, if your life score is lower than that of the passenger stepping out in front of your self-driving vehicle, it will choose to crash into a wall to save the higher-value person. In Bad Medicine, Marcus partners-up with a hitman against a common enemy that is holding the city's hospitals to ransom. The events of Human Conditions can occur during or after the Watch Dogs 2 main story, meaning you can jump into the DLC no matter how far you are through the game.
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