GanGan Nao San 1999

Angry-headed bee-like game. The most noteworthy point is that when enemy bullet hits the blast of enemy aircraft turns into scoring items. So, the more enemies in the screen, the more you get a higher score. The timing of destroying enemy aircraft is of course important, as well as ordinary enemy bullet avoidance. Four maps are prepared and it is possible to enjoy from beginners to experts in the first time. Bom from the beginning, you often wonder where to use Bomb, but if you play on EASY it is equipped with auto bomb function. Shots and bombers are normal, but there is a speedup, and as long as you push the button, your own speed will rise. An updated version, GanGan Extend was later released in 2000.
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GanGan - Free Game v3.1 212kb (uploaded by Supernova)
GanGan Extend - Free Game 1.7MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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