Wing Bluff, The Primula Soft 2005

Two-way scroll type shooting with the theme of air warfare of World War II realized flight sim. Operation-like feeling in 2D battle space such as lift and acceleration. Zero fight, Messerschmitt, B-29, more than 100 types of reciprocating machines worldwide with performance setting based on actual machine data. 20 versatile single missions reproducing the battlefield of Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Soviet Union. Two trips by the success or failure of the mission Pacific Front - 50. Various fights of the Second World War can be reproduced by campaign mode (shareware version only) and original mission creation function (Append mission) composed of more than missions. AI controlled airplanes. Depending on the difficulty level, there's different handling completely. Easy operation of cross key and 3 buttons, complete tutorial.
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Light Demo v1.02 3.7MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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