Impulse of War Dmitry Medvedev 2017

Early Access Release Stop! You haven't captured the train yet? Didn't build a base and haven't mastered the planet? I won't jump from a springboard to take the flag. I'll be waiting for you. Different types of vehicles: Buggy, Tanks, in development - Hover, Terrain Vehicles, Spaceship, Mega-robots. Different modes: Building base, Capture a train, Capture the flag, Deathmatch, in development - Hover-racing with shooting, Capture the points, Capture the fort, Mega-robot vs All, Clan wars, Tournaments, Co-op mode. Modular editor vehicle: Primary weapon (blaster / gun, etc.), Secondary Weapon (shocker, energy shield, etc), Armor Plates, Protection of the wheels, Spoilers, Colors, Trails, in development - Wheels, Camouflage, Flags, Toot, Engine sound. Building base: The main building which generates income, in development - Other 10 buildings, Ability to build springboards, Teleports, Clan Base. Communication: Chat, Invitation to battle, in development - Clans, Friends.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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