Dying Star Route 66 Games 2017

Early Access Release This is an online open world robotics game with RPG and survival elements. The game features a variety of attack skills, a very exciting multiplayer driving experience, and large-scale robot combat. Key Features: Acquisition of resources, construction, hunting, melee and ranged weapon skills, vehicles and large robots in addition to other means of transport, and two factions to align yourself with and engage in PvP. Game Background Story - UT8081b was a planet humans used to gather resources. To improve the efficiency of their resource-gathering, the humans designed autonomous robots, capable of working highly efficiently. The humans then contracted these robots to work for them to gather the planet's ores. One day the robots inadvertently discovered that the planet's resources were drying up, and that the humans would leave them to fend for themselves. Filled with anger and despair, the robots launched a rebellion against mankind. After repelling the humans, the robots planned to use the remaining resources to construct a giant spacecraft to evacuate, but the robots had an internal conflict; Some of the robots wanted to use the spacecraft to fight the humans in a final battle, while others wanted to find another planet suitable for survival, and forget the struggle with the humans. The giant spacecraft has not yet been completed, and the robots are on the verge of civil war. Your mission is to select a side and watch the story develop. What the robots don't know, is that the humans are plotting to return to UT8081b. In their hasty retreat from the robot rebellion, they left behind something very important; their start energy detector.
Download: None currently available

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