Biotoxin: The Dark Days Fivesyounger Development 2017

This is a horror platform shooter set during 2048 in post-apocalyptic America. Attempt to survive by looting buildings for food, ammunition, weapons and medicine. In a biological war, the majority of the world's population were either wiped out or weaponised. Now, 17 years on, you must travel across the ruins of the world. Combat: Fighting both infected and humans is fast and frantic. You must use your weapons and environment to survive these encounters. Open Environments: From small towns and forests to dense cities, you must use your wits and skill to get past the infected and other survivors. Play through 10 huge levels in a post-apocalyptic story or test your skill in the horde mode. Scavenge the levels for weapons and medicine. You will need everything to survive in this harsh world. There is a huge arsenal of weapons, ranging from crude melee weapons to military firearms.
Download: None currently available

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