Pilota Zsolt Bartok 2013

Pilota is a casual top-down flying game with an anaglyph 3D mode. Explore a large 2D pixelart world, or put on your red-cyan glasses, activate 3D mode with one click and watch your aircraft climb and pop out from the screen. The game has a realistic flight model: you have to take off and land, plus you need to monitor your speed, altitude and fuel as these parameters change during manoeuvres. You can try out 40 vehicles and do missions just like in real life: dust crop fields, extinguish wildfires, carry passengers, win air races and many more. A story unfolds as you buy new planes and unlock missions. It is up to you how fast you learn about the world, you can always choose between earning money or flying for fun.
Full Demo v1.0.2 28MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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