Egocentric Embroilers / Re-Union Team Mugen Unagi 2007

This is a 2.5D shooter with 3D modeled stages and enemies, but you move in a typical horizontal shooter fashion. The main character, Sayuki Asakura, is a high school Sophomore girl who "loves cheese curry large size" and she rides a flying bike blasting robots. The game is fairly simple and relatively easy if you know what you're doing. You have a basic shot that can be upgraded several levels. By holding the shot button, you can shot a concentrated straight shot. By tapping the shot button, you can fire a spread volley of shots. You also can use a "blade" attack to destroy enemy bullets and deal great damage to powerful enemies that ordinarily require many shots to destroy. By holding the blade button, you can fire a huge blast from your mega cannon, destroying everything in its path. However, the blade and mega cannon take energy away from a bar and if you use the blade and mega cannon too much, you can overheat...which means that you won't be able to do either. The last thing (and it looks pretty cool and is demonstrated a few times in the vid) is the "Imaginary Flow". When you destroy enemies, red jewels come out of them. By capturing a bunch of them, you fill up a bar and when it's full, you obtain Imaginary Flow Stock. If you get hit by a bullet when you have at least one Flow Stock, Sayuki's sentient gem (attached to her red jacket thing) releases a shockwave that destroys everything in sight; it's the game's "true" bomb style attack, although the mega cannon is pretty awesome too. The music is pretty good and it's a pretty decent game to play at least once.
Full Demo 154MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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