PlayTribes (cancelled) GarageGames / InstantAction 2010

PlayTribes was Starsiege: Tribes ported to the browser for the browser-based gaming service InstantAction. The game was to have an updated code structure, though graphical improvements from the original game were minor. It ran exclusively in OpenGL, and include an updated HUD and built-in "ski" script. While there was to be a stand-alone client available, it lacked certain features the browser version would have, such as stat tracking. On March 3, a beta was leaked by a playtester without GarageGames approval. On October 23, 2010, Hi-Rez Studios announced that they had bought the Tribes IP from InstantAction, which canceled any future PlayTribes had on which was also shut down on November 11.
Beta Standalone Executable v1.40.655 82MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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