Space Impact Glitch Ultimate Glitch / Enjoy Games 2017

The game is about an alien envasion, however bizzare this may sound. You will face 10 different types of extraterrestrial (alien) colonizers and make your way to the main ship, which is located on the the orbit of the Moon (Luna) where the central brain of the aliens can be destroyed. It's a mash-up of a few known alien archetypes and a simple game where you have to fly, shoot, collect bonuses, and mercilessly kill swarms of aliens. Idea for this game was sparked by a game called Space Impact, but in our case the game will not be difficult and will give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy. Although the game does not feature the best graphics, you will certainly enjoy its quality as our artists have given up few months of their personal and social life to satisfy you - gamers.
Download: None currently available

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