Wham! Avalanche Games 1998

This is a fast arcade game for two players, with a computer or a human opponent through split-screen. The player controls a ship flying in caves trying to destroy your enemies with weapons and bonus add-ons. Opponents fly in the small cave with different spaceships. Some ships are fast but also quite weak, and some ships are slow but they have a lot of energy and power. Players can also design own space ship or cave level. Ships have weapons such as main cannons and special weapons. Special weapons vary a lot, some of them are very powerful, but at the cost of accuracy and firing rate. Some are very quick to shoot, but don't deal a lot of damage. There is also one weapon which can guide you to the goal. The game contains 60 special weapons, 12 cannons, 10 bonuses and 30 different levels.
Clone ISO Demo 159MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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