Gochomaze no Arashi Warm water store 2003

This is a fun shooting game that crosses-over characters from many series, all female + "Bridget" from the Guilty Gear series. The main point of the game is point scoring, as you can build intense score multipliers by going through without using bombs. The "pull" key, depending on the pressure exerted will be more or less powerful, while the fury, it does not serve to blaster the enemy, but sweep only, the number of balls on the screen. If the enemies have overtaken you, and therefore find your back to them, they will continue to attack. While enemies still shoot in front, top and right. In order not to be disturbed by this system, it is advisable to try to kill all the enemies before they pass you, and if it is not, I advise you to kill, the enemies who can telease the most bullets. Each boss has a technique (the hardest remains the 2 to my taste), you will have to be very careful to the reactions of their attack because the attacks are not always in a straight line. For our playmate, we have the choice among 5 emblematic characters of japanimation and video games: Bridget GGX, Digi Digi Charat, Nadia Nadia, Nurse Witch Komugi chan Magical, and Sister Princess. Each one will have a gameplay that will be its own. Enemies will also come your way from quite known universe (Pita Ten, Guilty Gear, Samurai Shodown, etc.).
Full Demo 49MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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