Hishoayu: Dreampainter TenkuuDokei 2004

This is a vertical scrolling shooter where you play Ayu Tsukimiya, Key Kanon's main visual romance heroine. It was released in the Japanese arcades in 2004 and followed by the PC version in the same year. As is the standard with most arcade shooters, it could be defined as a beautiful shooting game with some reminiscences of Cave shmups. There are two buttons each designated for a separate capacity; Shooting allows the player to quickly shoot in a continuous vertical line, and the other is a bomb that spreads huge energy balls across the character. Bomb also doubles the firepower and punctuation, and can be replenished, collecting hyper items dropped by defeated enemies. At the end of the stage, remaining bombs are worth a lot of points. It's composed of five stages and does not continue, if the player runs out of lives, they will be taken to the start of the game.
Full Demo 72MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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