Disk Kuality Games 2016

This is an old-school FPS about shooting aliens with your super cool DISK gun that bounces off the walls. The game was developed for LD 37 game jam (the theme was one room) in 72 hours. It has been updated for Game Jolt and uses Unity engine. Fight Aliens in series of rooms and survive. Your weapon - Disk Gun will help you defeat your enemies. Charge up your Disk power (hold LMB) and launch it at the enemies. Aim at the walls so that the Disk bounces and hits multiple enemies. Make sure you return the Disk (hold RMB) so it can take out enemies on its way back. Aim for the head. Jump and launch your Disk at the enemies to multiply your damage and decapitate them. Don't stop moving. Controls: Move - WASD, Jump - Spacebar, Shoot DISK - (Click/Hold) Left Mouse Button, Retrieve DISK - (Hold) Right Mouse Button.
Free Game v0.1.1 72MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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