Police Tactical Training Sylum Entertainment, Sunstorm / Infogrames 2001

In Police Tractical Training, the player starts as a police recruit in a police training school. As a beginner you have to get familar with the following 4 weapons: gun, shotgun, MP5 and the sniper rifle. You have to prove yourself at a shooting range, at a training survivor course where for example suddenly enemies appear during your run through the course. Also during schooting at the paper dummies you have to be careful not to injure civilians (this system should be known from other games). Sometimes you also have to act at night. The scenarios are set up with time limits and also to reach a minimum number of points. Score points are given for specific body parts but also failed hits or injuring of innocent people are counted. The player will be also trained for night action and needs to get used to the kickback of weapons and accounting for wind. A police certificate can be printed out for the virtual police school if training has been successfully passed.
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Full Demo ~69MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo ~190MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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