Sniper Elite 4: Deathstorm DLC Rebellion 2017

With the war in Italy raging, Karl Fairburne has a new assignment. The Alsos Mission – tasked with uncovering enemy atomic secrets – have evidence that the Germans are trying to smuggle a vital package through northern Italy. Each DLC is included as part of the Season Pass also. Part 1: Inception (Mar 21) is the first of a three-part campaign for 1-2 players in which Karl must infiltrate and neutralise a critical Kriegsmarine facility. In the process, he'll uncover a terrifying new threat to Allied forces. Part 2: Infiltration (Apr 25) Thanks to Karl’s efforts, the Allies are one step closer to finding out the nature of ‘Deathstorm’,a top secret atomic project. Dispatched to the heavily guarded University of Niroli in the Fascist-controlled north of Italy, Karl must locate an Italian scientist forced to work for the enemy. Deathstorm: Infiltration is the second mission in a thrilling new three-part campaign for 1-2 players, sending Karl on a daring mission well behind enemy lines.
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