Chika Militant Cockroach Charm-Gamestudio 2017

This is a hardcore top-down game. You will manage a small fighting cockroach with a laser cannon on its back. You have to visit the attic, in the kitchen, bathroom, explore the sewers, corridors, etc. You will meet hordes of different insects, ready to destroy you, on your way to victory. Upgrade your powerful weapons and show them "who is the boss". Features: 10 levels of difficulty are waiting for you ahead; 11 types of enemies will meet on your way; 3 weapon upgrades will be available to. Use as much as possible each of them; In your arsenal will be a pair of binoculars, which can always use and to view the opponents; Cheerful music will create a good impression and cheerful mood; Try to survive by controlling a small combat cockroach.
Download: None currently available

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