Swarm Universe Dedication Games 2017

This is an action-packed top-down shooter. It brings you fast-paced arcade-fighting, online-multiplayer competition and vast modding-possibilities. Press play. Features: Highly competitive; Highscore-driven single-player levels & endless arenas; Online-multiplayer - free for all & team-play (up to 8 players); Unique, physics driven swarm gameplay; Fully integrated level-editor; Easy level creation - level geometry, custom enemies & logic circuits; Expert level creation - whole new game-modes & cut-scenes through scripting; Steam Workshop integration; Detail-obsessed and indie to the max. A distant universe. You are welcomed by Bot-7, your virtual host. He introduces you to the possibilities of the SWARM UNIVERSE and guides you through all the wonderful content he has created for you. You embark on a wild ride, as Bot-7 pulls off a twisted chamber play with unexpected mysterious turns. Highscore-driven and fast-paced, this is a top-down shooter with a unique twist. The gameplay is all about moving like a swarm, getting into the rhythm and developing smooth moves and combinations. The swarm is your weapon and protection, as you take on the challenges. From thrilling single-player game-modes to team-based online-multiplayer competition, it has it all. You get arenas, racetracks, various mini-games and online-multiplayer modes like free for all, team-play (up to 8 players) or capture the flag. It features a sophisticated level-editor, giving you powerful tools to easily build level geometry, custom enemies and more. Explore the vast possibilities of the fully integrated toolkit. Quickly create fun little levels, or start developing full blown new game-modes utilizing logic circuits and scripting language. Then share your creation through the Steam Workshop, becoming a fully featured part of the SWARM UNIVERSE.
Download: None currently available

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