NightStar: Rogue Wings Solidmesh 2017

Early Access Release The gameplay here is focused on rapid air battles. Your skills as a pilot will be tested non-stop on each stage. Fight your way to uncover the truth about a mysterious Artificial Intelligence that rules the galaxy. From inside the cockpit or from third-person perspective, you will experience fast-paced missions. Immerse yourself in the beautiful hand-crafted environments while going against battleships and enemy fighters. Incredible particle effects and sound design awaits. The Independents lost The Division War a decade ago. Nowadays, the Absolute Unity rules the galaxy with an iron fist. The few Independent survivors that managed to avoid imprisonment escaped to the Outer Rim. There, they live in hiding in scattered outcast communities. Commander John Eastwood is one of these survivors. He still believes in the Independent cause, but his chance to fight for it was gone with the end of the War. After restoring an old carrier, he teamed up with three other survivors. These four brave warriors formed the NIGHTSTAR, a mercenary group ready to take on the best paying jobs there are in the Outer Rim. RAW AERIAL WARFARE - Innovative combat combines lock-on camera and intense aerial warfare. Jump into the battle on an up-close and personal level. Collect resources to craft upgrades and turn your ship into an unstoppable war machine. Discover hidden secrets. Find and collect weapons and technology blueprints that will help your cause. There's a whole universe of things happening around you. Each stage is filled with life and the environment tells a story of its own. Your helpful wingmen will help you during the missions. The NIGHTSTAR is not just one person: it's a group of pilots, each with its own personality and traits. Learn how to use that to your advance, and teach the enemy a lesson they won't forget. Early Access features: Singleplayer campaign mode with 3 complete levels; Immersive cockpit view and tactical third person view; Unique tactical camera-lock system that will bring dogfights to the next level; Triple-A art and immersive sound design. Upcoming features: 9 complete stages with unique enemy and bosses; Full PlayStation4 and Xbox One controller support; Flightstick (HOTAS) support; Additional weapons and customization options; Skirmish maps to test your abilities against the Absolute Unity; Challenges, unlocks and secret weapons and upgrades; Steam Trading Cards and Achievements.
Download: None currently available

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